DailyPills: Hallelujah by Tamela Mann


Anchor Song: Hallelujah
Artist: Tameka Mann
URL: http://tinyurl.com/gvvcydr 
You have to agree with me that having the right person in the right place is always a critical part of
every operation. A man working in the hospital as a driver might be a staff of that hospital, but that doesn't make him qualified to help deliver a baby, right?
When I read through my Bible, I find that God is an excellent resource manager, He always moves the right resources in the right direction and no matter how corrupt the system, God always has someone loyal to Him.
Remember that it was slavery that brought Daniel to Babylon, who would have thought that God was the one at work to him to such an esteemed political position. What about Ruth? Was it not a tragic experience that led her to the place where we eventually met Boaz? Let's also talk about Esther, I'm sure she probably never thought about becoming Queen, so when people thought they were taking a slave girl, God was only relocating a future Queen.
Someone might be saying, but all these people were obedient to God, that's why that got settled by Him, is it not too late for those who have disobeyed or gone astray at some point? Well, let's learn from the disobedient brother Jonah, remember that when he repented, the fish that had swallowed him up vomited him at a place he could still find his to Nineveh to do his assignment. Which means that even for you who has gone astray, as soon as you repent, you will find that God will connect you from that place of disobedience to the place you are supposed to be.
Romans 8:28 - And we know that all that happens to us is working for our good if we love God and are fitting into his plans[TLB].
I know some people think they are in the wrong country, and some think the family they are born into must have an error, but like I said above, everything thing in creation points to the fact that God is an excellent resource manager, and you can't be an exception. Therefore, there is a reason He placed you in this country, in that family, that office, anywhere you are, for a reason. You are not a mistake, and if you will only look to God, you will discover that indeed, all things work together for your good. God Bless You!
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