Fumi and Masi's Proposal Story


Fumi and Masi

Hi! My name is Oluwafumilayo Kivalu. I was asked by Joy to write about my recent marriage and
journey with my new husband. Our union is all because of Christ and we will be forever grateful for Him. We made the decision and chose to be with each other forever.
Here’s our story:

Fumi and Masi

How We Met?
My husband and I met during the winter of 2014, after I returned from a church mission in Belize and El Salvador. I moved to Utah to begin school and was getting to know a lot of really nice people. Masi was everyone’s friend. He was kind, gentle, funny, loved to serve, was athletic, a great dancer. We originally met when he came up to me at church to arrange an appointment. At our church we have a friendship committee where each person is assigned 4 people to get to know and to minister to- I was one of Masi’s assignments. I remember thinking that he had a nice smile when he came up to me that day. He and his friend came over to my house a couple days later and I was having a very hard day. I dated someone that was very cruel and abusive and that day specifically I was struggling with feeling worth and was praying to feel something; anything to know that Christ knew me and cared about my particular situation.  
Fumi and Masi

When the doorbell rang, I was sitting with my best friend talking about the day and Masi and his friend walk in. We got to know each other and I knew that they were life-long friends. I remember them leaving and telling my best friend, “Wouldn’t it be funny if I married one of them”?  Well lucky me!
I have been overcome with how Masi treats me. He is always kind, funny, looks out for me, surprises me, brings me flowers every week, prays with me, kisses me, gives me foot rubs, reads the scriptures with me. I have found a life-long partner. One who loves the Lord above me, and that’s all I could have ever wished for. 

Fumi and Masi

The Proposal?
We spent every day together and I saw him in all situations: how he acted around my friends, around his friends, my family, his family. How he was when he was sick, sad, or mad. How he reacted when I was sick, sad or mad. How he was when his car got totaled, when he didn’t have enough money in his bank account, how he was with work and with school. We prayed together, we laughed together, we struggled together, and we love each other. We knew that we wanted to spend forever together and truly felt that God had brought us together. 
We went to visit my family in California during Christmas. The day before Christmas, my mom and three sisters, Masi and I went to Balboa beach. We were looking and walking along the pier. Toward the middle of the pier, there was a person who draws cartoon figures of customers. Masi insisted that we get one done and I was so excited! (I love these things) 

Fumi and Masi

The man drew me after Masi and when I sat down getting ready to be drawn, the man asked me “So, who’s asking who to marry them?” I must have looked pretty confused because he quickly tried to hide his question but I was distracted enough by his John Lennon sun glasses and hair that looked that it was starting to create dreads that I didn’t think twice about his questions. 
Well when I looked at the finished project it had “Will you marry me” with a big ring and our faces on it and I turned for Masi and he was behind me on one knee. He pulled out the ring and it was a gold ring with a big pink flower. Due to the fact that Masi is Polynesian, I was thinking that it had something to do with his culture and began to show my family. 
They were all kinda giggling which made me protective over the ring because I didn’t want anyone making fun of it. I turned around again when I heard Masi laughing too. Lo and behold the diamond ring was there and I was even more surprised! 

Fumi and Masi

When I read their story, I quickly said a prayer in my heart for my relationship too. Fumi is truly a wonderful person and I know because she is my best friend's cousin. So she would have made a great wife for anyone lucky enough to have her, but she chose to wait on God and He brought Masi at the appropriate time. It is truly a wonderful thing when your man loves the Lord...even more than he loves you. You're sure that he is under the authority of the One who loved you from before you were formed in your mother's womb. So He can show the boo how to do right by you....

Watch this space for the rest of their story and wedding pictures...

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