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In a world of the flooded industries, this amazing lady has set up on a path to bring attention to a
fairly fresh market while meeting the needs of the most adorable creations of all time - KIDS! Mrs Tricia, the boss lady of Omose Kids, shares with us how she started a business which caters to the needs to infants, ensuring that they keep being cute and stylish.
If you've being looking for the perfect brand to ensure your kids keep the slay from infancy through adulthood, search no more!!!! Omose kids has got the 'IT' you need..
Don't take my word for it, find out for yourself.

My Business and I?
I am Tricia Ikponmwonba-Yusuf, a brand strategist with degrees in English and Literature, Public Relations, Public and International Affairs, marketing and Social Innovation. I am a lover of everything children which gave birth to my charity project "StayInSchool" Nigeria and now Omose Kids.
I am the Creative Director and Founder of Omose Kids, an outfit that creates beautiful, unique and quality hand made Clothes, Accessories and Shoes for children from 0-7 years.

Start-Up Story?
It took a while deciding which business venture I wanted to go into, I had toyed with a few ideas and they never materialized or the industry was extremely saturated with a lot of players. Omose Kids idea came to me in December 2015 on holiday with my husband, you know I believe in the spiritual and letting God help us all find our purpose. The idea and direction was extremely clear and I began to do my research on the industry.
The idea wasn't surprising to me as I have a flair for fashion, colours and prints which meant that I was able to mix colours properly while dressing up. In writing my business plan, I had to do a lot of online and offline research on the children's fashion industry at large and in Nigeria and saw a large vacuum in the availability of affordable, trendy and durable African inspired outfits, and I remember on a couple of occasions when I had to buy ready made items  for my son from Kenya or Ghana so I knew the market was there and I needed to start.

To distinguish our brand we make use of best materials, great finishing and unique designs. I also looked at the children's world and noticed that focus is mostly on older children, with no options for infants or toddlers. Our items include:
Infants - Bibs, shoes, Onesies, Playmats and Bed sets.
Older Kids - Dresses, Tops, Skirts, shorts, trousers, dungarees, shoes and many more

Each of our items is handmade with love and infused with African fabrics or Bold prints. We are building a brand hinged on availability and accessibility.

Struggle & Challenges?
There have been so many struggles, some of which are general to entrepreneurs in Nigeria which include high cost of production due to fuel prices, hike in cost of materials e.t.c. Generalizations aside we have the inherent issue of 
1. Getting willing hands ready to work. Most of the artisans want quick money and are not willing to work hard while some do not understand the essence of turning out quality products.
2. The market is swamped with substandard and inferior items such as Zips, buttons, threads e.t.c and 3. Getting people to believe in Made in Nigerian brands. There is a wide perception that items produced in Nigeria are substandard and fake.

Balancing Work with Personal Life and Overcoming Challenges?
It has been tough for me as I still have my 9 - 5 job, toppled with my charity, Omose Kids and the family. In balancing them all, I have a principle of family comes first and then every other thing follows. I have also learnt to delegate a lot, coaching staff and volunteers to work independently and in line with the goal.

Motivation in spite of Challenges?
God the ultimate motivator, I find solace in His word. My husband is also a great motivator, he keeps me going and driven, ensures my head is in the right place at the right time and when I need encouragement he is quick to pick me up. Lastly, my belief in my dreams and vision

Apprentices and/or Trainees?
We currently empower artisans in Nigeria through employment with emphasis on women. In the coming months we will look to taking on trainees.

Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs?
I say same everyday - Just do it. There will never be a perfect time to launch your idea or business. There will never be adequate money to start, once you have an idea and conviction just go for it. And most importantly, do not latch unto other peoples stories. Create your path. 
For instance, people told me I needed to resign to run a successful business from the start. But here I am working and running a business with a bulging clientele base and also attracting investment.
Find your purpose and go for it.

Contact Details
Tel: 08097040809
Instagram: @omosekids
Twitter: @omosekids
Facebook: Omose Kids


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