This Race Through Life


This Race Through Life

This morning, while waiting for my rice to boil, I stumbled upon Abigail Dobbs' blog and found her
posts quiet educative and informative, more so because she is a Christian who seeks to fulfill the will of the Father. Of all that I read though, a line from a post in 2013 stuck with me and has kept my mind busy all morning. That simple, yet deep line, answered questions I have harbored about my own life choices and all the interests that I seem to have creeping up and 'seemingly' grabbing all my attention.
Abigail typed and I quote, "....knowing fully well that life is not the kind of competition that you have to come in first in order to count"

That singular statement has such profound depth that one can not just glance and 'unlook', it begs a lot of meditation and careful consideration.

Why then are people in a hurry? 
Why do people refuse to start small? 
Why is it difficult to enjoy one's process and trust the journey? 
Who are you racing against if life is not about who comes in first? 
Who is the referee?
By whose standards can we tell that we have won?
Why the hassles and struggles?

This Race Through Life

I have so much questions still and the answers still boils down to the fact that there really is more to life than who comes out first or makes their first million the quickest. Life has taught me that a person may begin first but some kid may be on the platform to also receive the same awards as yourself. It really is not a big deal because that is how life works sometimes. The way we go desperado and how "on my lane" has become the motto of our lives has just become tiring really. The truth is this life is just a journey we are on and it doesn't matter who comes in first, what truly matters is how much impact we had in our circle of influences.
We really don't need to act like the other person, our friend, colleague or even sibling are our competition because the truth is we all have being called to fulfill our individual purposes. No one has your intelligence or drive or passion or ideas or your amazing abilities so we really need to understand that we can rule in our way. The fact that one person thrives in my field doesn't mean that my shine will come from there. It could be from my service in church, in my community, on social media *winks*...anywhere else.

This Race Through Life

We need to realise that life is not about who makes it first or gets to the top fastest, it really is about who lives out their dreams after all. It is about who led others into the light of possibility that they found and ensure others fulfill potential too. Life is about how we can make the world a better place for as much people as we can while growing in the purpose of God for our lives.
It is alright to support other people's dreams while pursuing yours. There is absolutely nothing wrong with starting small and growing steadily. There is joy in sharing all that is within our power to with our community, friends, family, neighbors or people we daily encounter. Life is not a competition, we are not racing against anyone else; rather it is a journey where we need to discover our purpose, fulfill it and help others in their bid to attain all they aspire to.

Some people may argue that 'life is short' and 'we race against death'; I hear that. But death is going to come anyway, life is short whether we rush through it in over our heads or not!
So please just STOP!, take a deep breath....and take your time, enjoy your process, do not compare your journey to others and be sure to offer as much support as you can to others.. This is definitely going to make life fuller and happier because we are doing things more rewarding and at our own pace, with little pressure and mostly passion.

Do not forget that no matter how tough it gets, God has got you so LIVE, LAUGH and LOVE..



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