DailyPills: What This World Needs by Casting Crowns


Anchor Song: What This World Needs 
Artist: Casting Crowns 
You and I were not meant to live our lives as Christians in a bubble, disconnected from the realities of
the people around us. Each time I go to get my hair cut, I come back with a stronger desire to rep Christ in way that would be so cool and attractive that everyone would want to do same. This is because the things I hear young people like me talk about, makes my heart bleed. Think about it, what do you hear whenever you hang around groups of young people, either at work, in the hostels, at the mall, or even in church gatherings, do you hear them talk without adding sin to the mix? 
I want to believe you must have also seen those pictures flying around on social media displaying what young guys and girls are doing at pools, beaches and places like that, do you just see those things and thank God you and yours are not like that, or do you also feel the burden do something about? Matthew 9:37 says - Jesus said to his followers, "There are many people to harvest but only a few workers to help harvest them[NCV], over 2000yrs has gone by and these words are still very true. 
Gone are the days when you will need travel to do missionary work, the mission fields have moved closer, they are all around you so you have no excuse. Just like you would want to share any interesting song or movie with someone, why not also share Jesus with someone? Except you are saying He is not interesting enough to be shared. I’m not asking you to do anything big, I’m just saying that you look for the simplest thing you can do to make Jesus known around you, then do it. Today, my prayer is that God will give you and I the wisdom and courage needed to do our part in this large harvest. Even if you have just been saved for 1s, you are qualified to tell someone else about Jesus. God Bless You! 
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