More than just words....The Mantra of a Growing Christian


More than this
I am more than mere eyes can see
I am beautiful because I was created by a God who is perfect

I am intelligent because God has given me a sound mind
I am good enough because Christ gave His life for me

I walk in purpose because I am led by the Holy Spirit
I am a Queen because before I was formed in my mother’s womb, God crowned me
I possess a depth because I am connected to the Spring of Living Waters
I am dependable because Jesus Christ is the same all day err’day so I can be the same too

I am honest in my dealings because my source has been, is and will always be God
I am content and happy because the Joy of the Lord has taken residence in my heart
I am reliable because I have the backing of the Most High
My future is brighter and glorious than I can see because the thoughts He has towards me are of good…and to give me an expected end

I will help and support other people achieve their dreams because God is the Champion of my life
I will serve God with my time, money and gifts continually because He has kept me and showed up for me in ways I can not explain
I will continue to clean up my character because God has gifted me with Spiritual Fruits as guidelines
I will cry when I am weak because I know The One who catches my tears in His palms and sends comfort to me through the ministry of the Holy Spirit

I will laugh in the face of the thorns in my rosy life because there is a Balm in Gilead who will sooth my pains away
I will rise above my life’s challenges because God’s mercies are new every morning
I will laugh till my belly hurts and my eyes get teary because God continually gives me beauty for ashes

I am more than all that I listed still, I will do more than I already do and I will have a reason for each of them.
The reasons will always be tied to God and His love for me, because without Him….*smh
I will keep searching His word for more reasons too because I have decided to live my life INTENTIONALLY

The INTENT being moving through life in the will and purpose of God for me while bearing amazing testimonies of His unending love so that men will recognize and worship God because of me.

You can too?


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