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So Fresh Neighbourhood Market

A lot of people nowadays are making choices to live and eat healthier than they have done before, hence the term 'FITFAM'. Fitness experts have said over time, that living an healthy life is based on
what we eat, up to 80% in the percentile when compared to exercising. 

So Fresh Neighbourhood Market
Mango Smoothie

So Fresh Neighbourhood Market ensures that Nigerians get their food and fruits in ways that helps us maintain the healthy life that we desire. It is often said that "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail", our entrepreneur today Olagoke Balogun doesn't plan to fail at all so planning is really the strategy for So Fresh Neighbourhood Market's steady growth. The creativity that goes into creating these smoothies, yoghurt, parfaits and so on tells of a commitment to bring quality service to customers.
This promises to be a good read especially due to the experience garnered by Olagoke Balogun's interesting career paths. 
So Fresh Neighbourhood Market
So Fresh Fruits Tree

So Fresh Neighbourhood Market
So Fresh Fruity Shapes

My Business and I? 
My name is Olagoke Balogun, I am the founder of So Fresh Neighbourhood Market. I am a graduate of Biochemistry, I have had varied experiences across different industry sector. I am married with 2 kids; I love nature, music and beauty.
So Fresh Neighbourhood Market is dedicated to promoting healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle in the Nigerian space. Our ultimate vision is to make So Fresh the prime destination for people to make clean, safe and healthy food choices. So Fresh is Nigeria’s number one premium healthy food brand, that provides fresh, good, clean nutrition and promote a healthy lifestyle. 

So Fresh Neighbourhood Market
So Fresh salads and smoothie

At So Fresh, we believe food should be fresh and close to nature as possible, hence we create fresh, tasty, yum, organic, nutritious and healthy food choices. We believe that good healthy food should be freshly prepared, as close to nature as possible and that convenience, ease, a serene atmosphere and excellent service is the hallmark of a great shopping experience.
We are big on quality, hygiene, freshness and excellent customer service

So Fresh Neighbourhood Market, is a One-Stop specialty retail Shop for;
100% Freshly Made Juices, Smoothies & Salads
Healthy meals
Fruit Arrangements (Fruit Trees, Fruit Bouquets, Fruit & Veggies Platters & Fruit Baskets)
Whole Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs & Healthy Groceries
Healthy Snacks
So Fresh Neighbourhood Market
An array of So Fresh Products

Business Story?
Before I started So Fresh, I had brief stints in the fast food and soda beverage industry, then in the oil & gas sector. I had varied experiences from production to sales to marketing.
It’s taken sheer persistence, passion, a sharp focus on the vision, leveraging on my experiences and of course grace to get to where we are today.
So Fresh was conceived to be a departure from our traditional way of shopping for fresh produce which was otherwise done in the open market, because they were mostly dirty, unorganised, unhygienic, and generally inconvenient, a time wasting and tiring chore.
Of great influence also was my early year, which was characterised by eating fresh fruits, vegetables harvested right from our garden backyard to the pots. Coupled with my belief that convenience, ease, a serene atmosphere and excellent service was supposed to be the hallmark of a good shopping experience. 

So Fresh Neighbourhood Market
Yoghurt filled with So Fresh Fruits

Hence together with my wife, we sort to revolutionize the retail of these commodities within a serene brick and mortar store and to also return the Nigerian populace to the basics of healthy eating.
It’s been however very tasking, challenging and intense running such a business model with fresh perishable inputs and outputs. Hence we are very particular about our sources of inputs, frequency of sourcing and we have had to rely heavily on diesel powered energy to keep our produce fresh. Our ability to stay true to our commitment of freshness and wholesomeness of our products is part of what keeps endearing our customers to us hence making us sustainable over the long haul. The business is still young and gathering steam, we are hopeful of a great future.

So Fresh Neighbourhood Market
So Fresh Fruits Kebab

So Fresh Neighbourhood Market
So Fresh Yummy Meal

Ironically, Nigeria is a very fertile ground of tremendous opportunities despite the very difficult business landscape; this is because most business sectors are still at their rudimentary stage. I tell people that almost any business you do in Nigeria has the potential to be a monumental success, because there is a relative high dispensable income amongst the middle class and a willingness to spend on quality products and services. You just need to find a winning idea you are passionate about and be sure you are willing and equipped to stay the course, and then the sky will just be your launching pad.

Balancing work with personal life and overcoming challenges?
It’s a difficult juggle but my mantra is to plan plan plan. As an entrepreneur every minute of your day must be properly planned and mapped out to take care of important things. I dedicate lot of my weekends and evenings to my family, the rest is work work work.

So Fresh Neighbourhood Market

Motivation you to keep going in spite of the challenges?
The satisfaction and meeting the needs of the customers keeps us going
Trainees and/or apprentices
We do not have facilities to take on trainees or apprentices at the moment

So Fresh Neighbourhood Market

So Fresh Neighbourhood Market

Advice to aspiring and upcoming entrepreneurs
Be vision and purpose driven, understand every aspect of your business in and out, stay focused and get sound business education.
"If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything" hence plan vigorously, don’t be afraid to fail, rather fail quickly, learn your lessons and move on.
Also, forming mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships goes a long way in ensuring business success.

WOW! I sure learned more about running one's business with a professionalism that is sure to bring the clients back for more quality service. I hope you learned as much as we wish you can from this experienced entrepreneur.

For details on purchase, delivery or bookings for your events, So Fresh Neighbourhood Market can be reached via:
So Fresh Neighbourhood Market

Address: 92 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos / 71 Opebi Road, Ikeja
Phone: 08062868430 / 08179545565
Instagram/Twitter: @sofreshmarketng
Facebook: So Fresh Neighbourhood Market


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