Entrepreneurial Series: Oven Secret


Oven Secret

Some entrepreneurs that have been on here are continuing to make great strides; creating amazing brands. I thought it would be fun to start a series on which some of the favorite works of these
entrepreneurs are featured. It is like a follow-up on the great work that the entrepreneurs continue to do in making their clients feel special and get them to call again.
First on our new entrepreneurial series is Oven Secret!!!! *inserts applause* 
This amazing business is run by a creative genius, Ms Barbara Okereke, who continues to thrill us with her thoughtful creation of delicious cakes while also delivering quality customer service. 
If you missed the feature on her business a while ago, please click here for all the great cake designs that is the result of a passionate young woman's artistic flair.

Now, let's see some of the superb cakes of the artistic baker and creative director of Oven Secret *excited*
Oven Secret

Oven Secret
Up Blues!!!

Oven Secret
Tiered Wedding Cake

Oven Secret
BBM Smiley Cup cakes
Oven Secret
Pink Tiered Shower Cake

Oven Secret
Fashionista's Birthday Cake

Oven Secret
Oven Secret
FitFam Themed Cupcakes

Oven Secret
Beautiful Wedding Cake

Oven Secret
Gift? Or cake?

Oven Secret
Mushy cupcakes

Do you have ideas for what you'd love your cakes to look like? Does it seem somewhat impossible? I assure you, Oven Secret is the Mission Impossible Star of the Cake Industry. So fret no more and give her a call today!
For more details and inquiries, visit the social media platforms or call the phone numbers below

Contact details:

Location: Port Harcourt
Tel: 09099002279, 07030592987
Instagram: Oven_secret
Facebook: Oven Secret


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