DailyPills: Do You Know Jesus by Hezekiah Walker


Anchor Song: Do you know Jesus 
Artist: Hezekiah Walker 
URL: http://tinyurl.com/jof5uxx
Getting to senior class is one of the most anticipated moments for any secondary school student, not
because they are looking forward to graduating, but most times, it's because they want to maximize their liberty to oppress junior students. In many cases, majority of those that oppress were those that were oppressed as junior students, so they think that's a good justification for their actions. I won't pretend to be a saint though, I did it too and I most confess, it felt good at the time. 
Now, the scenario described above might seem childish and immature, but do know many of us never let go of that attitude. It appears to me like everywhere we have any form of hierarchy, the satisfaction of those at the top is to oppress those below, and the ambition of those below is to be able to oppress someone someday. So the new guy in the office gets psychologically oppressed, and everyone else thinks it's one of those things that comes with being a newbie. The madam oppresses her domestic assistant because that was the kind of treatment she was given when she lived with her aunt many years ago, even if that's the way you we're treated at that level, can't you think about breaking the cycle? Mark 12:31 says - The second most important commandment is this: 'Love your neighbor as you love yourself.' No other commandment is greater than these"[God's Word]. 
Therefore, in the spirit of the verse above, don't you think every ill treatment you get served should stop with you? If you know you didn't like it when you were treated that way, don't you think you should consciously make efforts never to put anyone else under such conditions? Evil goes around because it finds a means of transmission, don't be one, break the cycle every time something "not right" crosses your path. God Bless You! 
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