DailyPills: Satisfied by The Walls Group


Anchor Song: Satisfied 
Artist: The Walls Group 
This right here is one of my favorite songs from the year 2014, even though it’s been almost two years since it was released, it is still one of those songs I can’t get enough of on my playlist. Satisfied is a very satisfying song, it doesn’t just satisfy your mind, I believe the message it carries can bring peace to the most troubled heart. 
The truth is, it is possible to be the most celebrated person on heart, have all the money you desire, win the best most beautiful person back to back if possible, have the life you’ve always desired and not have the satisfaction you thought would come with it. It is possible to have all the material things you want without God, but it is not possible to have God and not have all the material things you want. 
It’s like a Venn diagram, God is the Universal set, the rectangular box that carries everything else, chose Him, and everything other set also belongs to you. I’m sure someone might want to ask, so what about those people that know God but died having nothing? The Bible already gave us an answer; Hosea 4:6a - My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge[NKJV]. 
Therefore, I can tell you this, that if you want to have all you ever wanted here on heart with more than enough peace of mind to go with it, then God is the way forward. God can satisfy you beyond you can even ask for, but as a song writer said, “God needs to first change your heart before He changes your shirt”. God Bless You! 
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