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Anchor Song: We Not Folding
Artist: Json
Can you believe that I once asked my Mum for the permission to hawk? Yes, I did. You see, growing up in my kind of hood, and attending a public primary school, I had a lot of close friends who used to hawk, and one thing that was common with those guys was that  they always had extra cash, personal gains they made from hawking. So one day, I went to my mum, and asked her if I could do same, of course she refused. However, looking back at the whole scenario, there a few lessons I can pick up from there. You see, even if the whole world thinks something is wrong, if you closest friends think otherwise and practice that wrong, the chances are that you will do what your friends are doing. To illustrate this, let me tell another story.
There was this guy in the Bible who had a crush on his sister[you surprised that something like that is in the Bible? Well, it is, you can read the full gist here - 2 Samuel 13]. This guy was crushing so much he fell sick. He thought about it and considered sleeping with his sister a no no, but one told his friend about it, and that friend helped convert an impossible thought to a possibility such that he eventually raped his sister. 1 Corinthians 15:33 - Do not be fooled: "Bad friends will ruin good habits"[NCV].
Some people now curse, something they never used to do because they got close to some people who do and they did consciously stop themselves. Yes, I know that’s a simple thing, but do you what else you might pick up so easily? I’m not saying you should only associates will saints, work or any other thing can bring anyone your way, but when you see things you don’t want to pick in people around you, don’t just leave it to chance, consciously set a red flag that, I WILL NEVER JOIN THIS. God Bless You!
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