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[Anchor Song: Words We Speak, Artist: Hawk Nelson, URL: http://tinyurl.com/zsc3268 ]
Words kill, words give life; they're either poison or fruit — you choose – Proverbs 18:21[MSG]. I’m sure you know that this verse is talking about you, I want  to believe you do know that your tongue carries the  power of life and death. However, it seems we often forget that this power is not specific to one person, or a few group, it actually resides in every human. Which means that the same way your words can kill or save, so also the words of those you have been listening or paying attention to.
If you worship in a good Bible living and believing church like that one God has blessed me with, you will notice that you leave the church feeling good, feeling better than you came in. You would feel like your psychological battery has just been recharged, moving from 2 bars to like 4-5bars. It’s the effect of the words you heard in church, especially through the message, it has given you life.
Therefore, since songs are also composed with words, then you can see every song as capsules containing life or death. One of the reasons I think music is even quite effective, is the fact that when you sing along, you do not just hear the words of someone else, you also re-enforce it by  adding the power in your own tongue to it. Even though I can’t tell you what and what not to listen to, I can only advise that you ensure loading yourself with poison. Words are powerful, so while you mind what you say, you should also mind what you hear. God Bless You!
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