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Anchor Song: It’s Good
Artist: Sidewalk Prophets
URL: http://tinyurl.com/gndbrqp
“Good people are everywhere, if you can’t find one, then be one”. That statement is so simple that you will need help to misunderstand it. When I saw someone share it on Facebook, it just made perfect sense. Do you realize what would actually happen if every single person makes the attempt to be the good person their neighbour is lacking? But what do we find instead, many of us are busy looking for the good one.
For some time now, my teacher has emphasized so much of the importance of sowing acts of kindness in people. The Bible actually says that for as long as the earth remains, seed time and harvest will always be present, that means that there is no act of kindness you sow that won’t come back to you, one way or another. Jesus also said in Mark 9:41 - Whoever gives you a cup of water, because you are Christ's, truly I say to you, he will in no way be without his reward[BBE]. Hence, putting these two thoughts from the Bible together, we can say that if you are not seeing enough good things/people around you, it might be because you yourself have not been doing enough good to others, since everything thrives of the concept of seed and harvest.
I don’t think Pst. Paul left his house yesterday with an intention to go and direct traffic, he probably just found himself in that situation like everyone else. However, even though the problem affected everyone, He decided to be the solution to a problem he didn’t create. What he did could have saved someone from missing a crucial appointment, could have saved another’s job, he could have made a thousand difference in the lives of people he didn’t even know. If you were God, won’t you want to reward that? You might have not  created the problem, you might not even know those involved personally, but as long as it is within your power, just do good for God’s sake and watch God  bring you the harvest. God Bless You!
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