Cocktails 2 Live 4: More Details and FREE TICKETS!!!!!!!


Hallos fabulous people!!!!!
Hope you are doing great and your week is up to a great start too? Well I am really excited for the
plans and holidays this week brings...and also the Cocktails 2 Live 4 Event which comes up on the 28th of March at the Grills In and Out Restaurant, Lekki.
This event is the ultimate cocktail event which presents a platform for networking, learning, mixing drinks and sharing amazing recipes. 
For more deets including the seasoned mixologists who are going to be speaking and sharing tips on being a mixologist/bartender at this event, please click here

Having said that, here is  a video that explains exactly the aim of this ultimate mixologists and bartenders event, Cocktails 2 Live 4.

Interesting right?!
Well, that is not all. The organizers of Cocktails 2 Live 4 would love to have as much people attend as they can help. So you can get tickets and make reservations for FREE!!!!!!
Yeeup! If you are interested, just click here and you will get a pass for this amazing platform for mixologists, bartenders and lovers of great drinks.

Remember, the date is 28th of March, 2016 and it's happening at the Grills In and Out Restaurant, 7A Admiralty way, Admiralty Road, Lekki, Lagos.

See you there!


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