DailyPills: Made A Way by Travis Greene


Anchor Song: Made A Way
Artist: Travis Greene
URL: http://tinyurl.com/hjutxxm
Just like it’s difficult to hold water without a container, experiences are also captured/stored in different items, such that seeing that item refreshes the experience within you. For me, music is one of my strongest capsule of events. Different songs takes me to different points in my life, there is a song that takes me back to the day I lost my dad, because that’s the only song my sister sang that day, and sometimes, if you sing it for too long, it’s almost like I’m back to that point. There’s a song that takes me back to Hall 1 car park, and another that takes me back to Twin LT, different locations within my University.
According to the artist, today’s song was written during an impossible situation. His pregnant wife’s water broke at 21 weeks, when pregnancy normally takes between 37-42 weeks. The doctors said the possibility of the baby’s survival is slim to none, and it was during this period when his wife was on bed rest for two months that he wrote the song. There was nothing else for them to hold on to but faith, and the good news is that as slim as the chance was, it didn’t break because faith held it together and today their baby boy is alive.
When Jesus was on His way to heal Jairus’s daughter and news came that things had gone from bad to worse, that the girl was dead, He said; Luke 8:50 - Jesus overheard and said, "Don't be upset. Just trust me and everything will be all right"[MSG], and that’s the same message I bring to you this morning. I don’t know what is going on with you, but I know God makes a way through anything and everything. My prayer for you today, is that God will do something in your life that will make it impossible for you and anyone that hears about it to doubt that miracles do happen. Enjoy this song, and God Bless You!
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