Who else remembers when the biggest challenge there was, was simply to pass WAEC?
I remember when all that was most important in the world was to pass JAMB and get admitted into the university.

I remember walking to the cyber café on the day I had to check my JAMB results in 2007…
Nna meeeeehnnnn!!!!
What did I not promise God that day? Just so that I could score above 200 and get the opportunity to write Post-UTME?

I remember vividly where I went to check, where I sat and nearly all the details of that day because at the time, that was the ‘ultimate’ goal; to gain admission into the university.
You could try but can never imagine how excited I got when I saw that I had passed and how much thanks poured out of my lips. So much so that I walked home that day in happiness when I could have taken the bus.

Final Year Week with my homies!!

Then it was time for Post-UTME….after which I had to ensure that I didn’t repeat Year One; then ensure that I passed every level in Uni.
Afterwards, I just prayed to graduate when my friends did….prayed to just leave when my mates were leaving too and not be left behind.
And then again!

It was how to get bobo to like me and want to be with me, how to ensure that my friends get me and not confuse my jokes for insults or my concern for nosiness…because at that time, I was all about relationships and happy endings.

See my weird pants, huh? circa 2013

Do you see the cycle? The trend of doing one thing been the ‘IT’ until another thing becomes priority?

The point of this story is that every time of our lives, we go through some things that seems like they’re HARD, like we would never see the light of day, times when we go, “this is it! Just kill me”. It is to show that for every tide, there is a time in which we must ride; and for every time, the tide would surely change as the days go by.

Sometimes, the tides are so strong they almost seep us away. But we more surely than not, ride through these tides coming out stronger, wiser and the better for it.
I know someone could go, ”She is a fine one to talk. What does she know about how I am feeling right now?’
The truth is that I may know zilch about what you are currently going through right now, but I assure you that I have ridden and I am stilling riding my own share of tides.

No one has a monopoly of challenges, what some have is an understanding of how to come out victorious. They have learned that life is broken into separate times and tides. They most certainly may not know how but they have come to understand that the challenges or tests won’t last forever.
So why don’t you also adopt this method of riding through while making the best of the tides that are directed towards us per time.
When I was still skinny! 😢😢 circa Christmas 2009

The amazing thing is every time, we always go through that phase! Every single time, we conquer the trouble or difficulty and go on to the next thing that comes our way.
All these things that we allow to stress us, to get us down when we are meant to overcome every single challenge and enjoy our lives.

When we are supposed to bless God and be thankful for the gift of being alive every single day, we end up bothering our minds and burden ourselves with circumstances that we have little or no control over.
When we should just show love to others, be more hardworking and work on every goal we set for the year, week, month or day.
The precious time that we should spend trying to make more money, better investments, smart decisions and learning how to live our lives without being misled by the picture perfect lives we see on social media.

We waste valuable time worrying about what will surely pass after a certain period; it’s true that some phases are longer than others but in the end, they all pass away!

We most definitely have heard people say or come across memes that read; “This too, shall pass!; how true is that statement?
What ever we think is the biggest issue or challenge we are currently passing through, we are going to come out stronger and wiser because we are made of good stuff.
God created us and infilled us with the strength we need to do this life, run this race and come out victorious because as He is, so are we in this world.  He controls everything, the whole world and we also have the ability to control how we handle and respond to the circumstances we found ourselves in.

Just keep being positive!

Yes, I know you have to get into the Uni; I understand how you need to graduate in flying colours; I get how you want to get married, like yesterday; You need to get a job in the next minute, don’t you?; and how you need to do this or accomplish that….

With my girl, @koolashim. circa 2012
Just keep doing your best, keep putting in your quota and in due time, you will begin to see results.

You know how, at the beach, a huge wave comes in, yeah? But do you also notice that no matter how gigantic that wave might be or the point it gets to on the shore-line, the tide will always flow/move/ go back because it’s just for a time and won’t last forever.

That is how life is, all the tides that we experience are only for a time; each tide has its stipulated period.
So quit spending all your precious time, worrying about this tide because you have a great history of coming out stronger than what ever wave tries to drown you.

Spend that time investing in yourself, doing you and just being plain fabulous…because no matter what the how long this tide may last, THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!!

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