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Anchor Song: Courageous
Artist: Casting Crowns
URL: http://tinyurl.com/zlqttl7

Hey! I have a message for you, as much as it is important that you learn from other people's experiences, please never ever define yourself by other people's experiences. The fact that someone ended up in a certain way after going through what you are currently going through doesn't mean you too will end up like that person, and the fact that someone you know and probably respect failed doesn't reduce your chances of success.

Mark 5:24-25 - Jesus went with the man. A huge crowd followed Jesus and pressed him on every side. In the crowd was a woman who had been suffering from chronic bleeding for twelve years[GW]. I believe you are familiar with this story, but I want you to note from the first part of the verses above that when the woman with the issue of blood came to touch Jesus, she wasn't the only one "touching" Him. In fact, the Bible records that a huge crowd pressed on Jesus, yet she alone got healed by touching.

Also, I'd like to remind you that Moses must have been Joshua's mentor, and I can only guess that Joshua must have been looking up to Moses all his life. Yet, for some reason, Moses didn't enter the promise land, but Joshua did. So as much as you respect the blessing and talent God has placed in people's lives, please don't be too humble to dream bigger and aim higher.

In as much as we seem to have a culture that confuses a low expectation with humility, I don't think it's scriptural. Elisha asked for a double portion of the grace on Elijah, and guess what, he got it. Therefore, be like Elisha, be humble enough to serve and courageous enough to desire the next level. God Bless You!

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