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Anchor Song: Healed
Artist: Donald Lawrence
URL: http://tinyurl.com/h672j7d

What do you think, does God want everyone on earth healed from any and every form of sickness? I remember there was a time when people used to say things like, maybe God made them sick to make them humble or teach them a lesson, but can we get any reference of such in the Bible? Please don't mention Job, because if you read the story well, you'd know that was the devil not God.

Matthew 4:24 - Word spread all over Syria, as more and more sick people came to Him. The innumerable ill who came before Him had all sorts of diseases, they were in crippling pain; they were possessed by demons; they had seizures; they were paralyzed. But Jesus healed them all[VOICE].

I don't know what you've been told about Jesus and sicknesses, but this is the real Jesus. Bible says those that came for healing can't be numbered, with diverse forms for sicknesses, and He healed them ALL. There's no place in the Bible where Jesus turned down healing a sick person, He always healed them all.

When we accept the thought that it is part of God's will for some to be sick, then we have to wonder who's on the sick list and who's on the healed list. But when we agree that God wants everyone healed, then we can boldly come before God and ask him to take the sickness away. Therefore, if you really want to know God's will for your health, read your Bible, and you will see that He wants you completely healed and living in good health. God Bless You!

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