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Anchor Song: God Is Coming
Artist: Jesus Culture
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When you enter the kitchen with the intention of frying some eggs, are you going to have anything to do with the kettle? But when it's now time to make "eba", it's almost certain that picking up the frying pan won't cross your mind either.

You need to always remember that you are not God's only child, so when you hear people give testimonies around you and yours hasn't happened yet, it doesn't mean God has forgotten you, it only means it's not yet your turn.

I remember Usain Bolt at the last Olympics talking about how hard it was to have wait several days before starting the athletics event, when some people have already won quite a number of medals. Yet, they had to keep focus and continue training, refusing to get distracted.

Likewise, some people lose focus and allow bitterness, envy and the likes overshadow their hearts when others around then are getting blessed, and these even blocks them from receiving when God is ready to bless them.

God assures us in Isaiah 49:15 saying - Eternal One: Is it possible for a mother, however disappointed, however hurt, to forget her nursing child? Can she feel nothing for the baby she carried and birthed? Even if she could, I, God, will never forget you[VOICE].

Therefore, try as much as you can to ensure you have goodwill towards all men. Even if God decides to bless every single person in the world, He can never go broke before getting to your turn, so it's only a matter of time, your blessing is on the way. God Bless You!

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