When I got into the office yesterday, someone said to me "Why don't you wear make-up everyday? You look like a man when you don't wear make-up"
You see, I am an engineer who sometimes has to get dirty at work so I feel it's practical to go to work without make-up on. The reason I had make-up on yesterday was because I went to church before heading to work. Mind you, I am really not good with this make-up game and those who know me know how I truly feel like having my face done. 
A few months ago, I would have been offended or even felt really bad for what was said to me. How can you say I look like a man without? Does wearing make-up validate my essence as a woman? Do I really look like a man? Did he mean to call me ugly? Am I ugly?
All sorts of questions would begin to tumble through my mind because my self-esteem was shaky. But on this occasion, I just smiled and said 'Thank You' because I now know a truth that he is either not aware of or just plain ignores. The truth that I found in the Bible about what I really look like and who God says I look like.

Here is what the Bible says in Gen 1:31a; 
"God looked over everything he had made; it was so good, so very good!" (MSG)

That is all the validation that I need, that I was formed by the One who is perfect. I was made in LOVE, for LOVE and I am still being guided through life by the light of that LOVE. And when God was done, He saw that I was good (at creation) and I am still beautiful as I go through in His purpose.
I know some people would ask; "Why then do you wear make-up? If you are already beautiful?" I wear make-up because of the passage above still. I have gotten to that place of understanding who I am in Christ Jesus. I know I am beautiful, whether or not I wear make-up because powder/lipstick/eye-shadow/etc. do not validate me. 

Let me give an illustration that Rev Christie Bature shared at my church a while ago about owning expensive things but in the context of the usage of make-up.
If one's favorite make-up product, is sitting on the shelf at some shop, what effect does it have? But by myself, with or without, I am still Patience Joy Ijehon. Unlike that powder for example, that is just on the shelf, waiting for someone to purchase it and then apply it on their face before they get recognized for being 'good'. The outcome of the look still depends on how well its application turns out, still depends on how much or little product one uses, the colour, how it matches their faces or knowing the appropriate ones to use depending on the occasion. 

God didn't see that all His creation was good depending on certain conditions; He looked at everything He made and saw that it was good. We all know how impeccable God's judgment is. We are not products of 'trial-and-error' process, we were made with intent and created in love for a purpose.

So my dear readers, I need you to believe like I now do that your validation is not in the things that you do or do not do. Our validation lies in the love of God which continually spreads in us and through us to others. We do not have to be a certain way or do certain things to be good, beautiful, lovely, gorgeous etc; we are already all of that..and more because that's what God had in mind when we were formed in your mother's womb.

Remember! Jesus Christ is the Standard; so keep your gaze on the One who is the author and finisher of our faith..


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