DailyPills: Unfailing Love by Chris Tomlin


Anchor Song: Unfailing Love
Artist: Chris  Tomlin, 
This wasn't a conscious decision, but I just noticed the distance between me and this friend of mine was growing wider. I actually do love this person, we've been cool since we became friends but recently, my friend seems to get real comfortable when X-rated jokes are made in public and would sometimes even join in, and that, I wasn't comfortable with. So unconsciously, I started to withdraw. 
Contrary to what many if you might think, I wasn't so happy the day I realized how much we have moved apart and I know it's primarily because I moved. I know someone might want to remind me that evil communication corrupts good manners, so it's best that I moved, but let me ask you, would you resign from work if you had to share an office with a chronic sinner who does nothing else but talks trash? I think the main reason I'm feel bad about it is, if I shut out a friend because the person develops some tendencies I do not like, has my actions communicated the love of God? 
Luke 6:32 - If you only love the lovable, do you expect a pat on the back? Run-of-the-mill sinners do that[MSG]. 
Therefore, I decided to share this part of me with you today because I want you to see that we all need to consciously practice what we preach. I might not have given you so many answers, but I hope I have stirred a serious conversation in your heart. While there is a need to avoid getting corrupted by evil communication, how do we stay far enough to avoid it, yet close enough to communicate that Love from God? 
God Bless You! 
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