DailyPills: The Blessing by John Waller


Anchor Song: The Blessing 
Artist: John Waller 
Do you know that God wants you to make the earth just as much as He wants you to make heaven? Many people ordinarily think going to heaven is all God is concerned about, I think people just have it at their subconscious that God has left the earth for the devil to experiment with till Jesus returns, but that is not the case. If there is someone God left the earth for, it is you and I, so that we can continue creation from where He stopped. 
3 John 2 - Beloved, I pray you to prosper concerning all things and to be in good health, just as your soul prospers[BLB]. You see, I got thinking about this verse and it occurred to me that while it is possible to get a general definition for both the prosperity of the soul and body, we can't do that for material prosperity. 
Therefore, what does prosperity mean to you? It is the difference in the definition of prosperity that differentiates the amount of resources people are willing to have. The fact that this question is personal not only means I can't answer it for you, it also means there is no right and wrong answer. So, let me just leave you with this thought, remember the Bible says God will give us a good measure, press down, shaken together and running over, what if one person has a 10litre container while the other person has a 50litre container, would they be at the same level? So again I ask, what does prosperity mean to you? 
God Bless You! 
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