Process Versus Product


Process Versus Product
Sometimes in life, it feels like the hardest challenges and most difficult situations somehow fall into our laps. When we overcome this hurdle, another one just leaps up at us. My darlings, this is how life
really works for everyone. Nobody has a smooth ride all the way!
We just need to understand that these challenges are really part of our journey.

You know how we can tell that a product is fake, no matter how similar it is to the original one? Have you ever wondered what makes this product counterfeit?
Is the end product wrong in itself or were the processes to bring it to a certain standard incomplete?
While pondering that, let's consider one of my favourite agricultural produce ever.... CORN!
I love corns, boiled or roasted or grilled or baked or par boiled... I'm sure you get my love for corn now... *let's get back to the matter then* *grins*
Well, some corn cobs bear grains that are too soft. Not firm enough to be enjoyed because they turn soddy when boiled and get all burnt when roasted. When a person buys/harvests such cobs, one doesn't really get value for money paid.
The question here again is what went wrong with the corn? Were the seeds planted also immature? Or was the crop's process incomplete before harvest?
Fam, the reason why there is such a thing as counterfeit or immature corn cobs or unripe fruits or fake is largely due to an inconclusive process. EUREKA! (*rme* Duhhhh)

Every product requires set processes to bring it to a specific standard, albeit great or counterfeit.
Same as we, humans, need to steadily but surely go through life with the best attitude so that we 'arrrive', there wouldn't be a touch of counterfeit in us. I get that it could be difficult and frustrating, we just really need to keep the picture of the kind of 'product' we aim to become in our sights.
Most notable people who made and are still making impact in their chosen fields could write books on how many times they failed and overcame hurdles upon troubles.

Let's take the richest man in Africa for example;  the media has celebrated this man's success and affluence so much that one wonders if he never failed at anything. Recently he was quoted to have said, 'Most people want to achieve overnight what took me over 30 years to build'
Thirty years was the process time that built the product, richest man in Africa. The founder of one of the largest fast food chains in the world,  who started KFC at age 63, how long do you think his process took? What product is your process grooming you for? A counterfeit or one whose sustainability is due to its authenticity?
When a person diligently goes through their process, it builds their tenacity, character, strength, wealth of knowledge, wisdom and an excellent understanding of the terrain they are launched into.
A counterfeit though?  Nobody is recognized for being unripe or shallow same way nobody wants to buy counterfeit products or not get value for their money. Most companies who built their businesses on counterfeit products usually die naturally or are drowned by the charges and fine the law piles on them when they are caught.
Do NOT resent your process, don't try to rush through (shortcuts don't give the same results as due processes do) just keep going through it all, devising new strategies to counter different problems. The annoying boss, the ghost partner, being sent on stupid errands, the number of pro bono jobs you had to do, people offering low pay for your outstanding services et cetera; just keep pushing with that great character of yours. One day sooner than you think, you will realize that you've hit the jackpot, an achiever, a leader, becoming the great example for a happy ending, mentoring loads of people, others modeling their lives like yours and just plain creating new trends because of the amazing PRODUCT you have become.

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