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Hey Sweetims!!!
There is this new events platform for all events vendors that has recently been launched and it is
called EVENTLINK.  Like the name applies, this hopes to create an interactive bridge between various vendors and prospective clients in order to provide seamless acquisition and provision of quality services.
Here is a little note on what Eventlink is really about with pictures to give you clues on how the site works: 


Eventlink has two sets of users, we call them Hosts and Services. The Hosts are people looking to plan an event on the platform while Services are those providing the needs of an event or event vendors as they are popularly called. To fully grasp how the platform works with both users, below is a step by step description of how it works.


When a host registers, they get an email to verify their account and as soon as that is done they are able to login. They have the same landing page each time they login, which is the 'Search or Host Page'. To get started with their planning, they create an event, with name and date of the event, add services to the event by placing bids to a service category or requesting for a service depending on their preference. When they are done populating their events, which can be done with time, they can then go on and publish the event and wait for replies, in form of phone numbers, from each of the services they requested.

When a service is registered, there is a 3 step form that must be filled in other to get to their landing page. This form is basic, its just a way of getting all we need regarding your business. Once completed, there is a terms of use page, which we strongly advise everyone to read before accepting. Then there is the landing page, which is the 'Home or service page', This is like the dashboard or admin page of their account. They are able to add posts, edit profile or header images from the service page.


After editing their page they can check their 'Profile page', as seen by prospective clients or hosts, by clicking on their username written on the toolbar.
Eventlink is not like the regular vendor websites, where vendors are like products. We provide a unique Url, which can only be described with what WordPress and Blogspot does, we hope every event vendor can take advantage of this unique selling point of ours. 


So here is to all service providers who are willing to go all out and find clients who are willing to pay them for their exceptional services.
For more details, go visit www.eventlink.ng and be sure to leave your questions and comments in the comments session here or on the website.


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