DailyPills: Searching For A Saviour by Building 429


Anchor Song: Searching For A Saviour 
Artist: Building 429 
URL: http://tinyurl.com/zwlwxmw 
Using the word “famine” to describe the current economic situation in the country would not be far from the truth, and it’s not only in this country, many other countries are also having a similar experience. Prices of most things have gone up, and for those things that have managed to maintain their price, they have either reduced quality or quantity. I know all this, I feel the pains too. I don’t just feel the pain for myself, but each time I see those petty traders who are just striving to get food on the table for their family, I also feel their pain. However, as much as I have the feeling I just described above, one thing you will never find me doing is complaining or criticizing anyone. Why? Because that’s exactly what those Israelites that missed the promise land were known for. 
Numbers 11:5-6 - We remember the fish we ate for free in Egypt. We also had cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions, and garlic. But now we have lost our appetite; we never see anything but this manna![NCV] Does this complaint not sound like one of the things you’ve been hearing? One of the things I have found from my small experience with the Bible is that when people make this kind of complaints, there is always a Moses, Joshua or Joseph who doesn’t join in the complaining, but goes to God to get a solution for all. Those who do not complain in difficult seasons are not fools or pretenders, they are just people too busy looking for the light to focus on the darkness. Where are the Joshuas and the Josephs of my time? No! You can’t tell me they are non existent. This famine is our season, how would the world know we carry something if there is no famine for us to prove it? This is our game to lose, because when God gave you Jesus, He also gave you the solution to every problem that arises in your time, so where are YOU??? 

God Bless You! 
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