DailyPills: In And Out Of Time by Colton Dixon


Anchor Song: In And Out Of Time 
Artist: Colton Dixon 
URL: http://tinyurl.com/jb2glwo
Have you noticed this growing trend in most tooth pastes? You buy tooth paste and the size looks normal, but as you use, you will some day notice a long air-full press before paste then comes out again. Meaning while you thought the size hasn’t change as at the time you bought the paste, what you didn’t know was that the tube had been filled with air just to deceive you. 
If time was a man made commodity, I would have argued that someone is probably pulling the same kind of trick with it. Hey! Does it also feel like there is hardly enough time for anything? Let’s be honest, is it also true that on those days when you are unable to cover your schedule, activities such as praying and studying God’s word are some of the most regular omissions? Yet, on those same days, you somehow find a way to keep up with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the likes. 
I’m not here to condemn those who identify with what I mentioned above, because I can’t tell you I’m completely immune from this. However, I can tell you that the reason time doesn’t seem to be enough is because we have more time wasters now than it was then. All these social media tools can be a blessing, or an obstacle, depending on what you use them for. Matthew 6:21 says - It's obvious, isn't it? The place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, and end up being[MSG]. Yes, it does feel like there is no time, but there is always time for things you consider important. Think of what your life would look like with God on the sidelines, and think of what it would be if both of you are actively involved, then make out time on that basis. God Bless You! 
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