DailyPills: Reverse by Tedashi


Anchor Song: Reverse
Artist: Tedashi
URL: http://tinyurl.com/j2f9qv7
You know it’s one thing for someone to be competing with you, it’s another for that same person to become hostile towards you for the sake of competition. My teacher would always say, that most people would rather confess murder than to confess to envy and jealousy, because admitting that you are envious of a person is as good as saying that person is better than you. But the real question is, how do you deal with people in this kind of environment?
Normally, when people are hostile towards you, the natural thing to do is to also return the favor or simply lock up, but is that the best we can do. While listening to my teacher sometime ago, he explained a verse in a way that I believe would help deal in this kind of instance. Jesus said in Matthew 23:11 - "Do you want to stand out? Then step down. Be a servant[MSG].
People say that the bottom is too crowded so climb higher, and many are willing to step on others just so that they are the ones that would get to the top, but this verse is saying that it doesn’t work that way for us. Don’t get it wrong, this verse is not saying you should be the “mumu/ode” in the group or that you shouldn’t aim high, it is simply saying you should be genuine and true in all your dealings. Joseph was not even in a position to lobby when God gave him a position those lobbying couldn’t have imagined. Therefore, like Joseph, be first to forgive, help as much as you can, have goodwill in your heart for all your haters, love even those that talk evil about you. The service in that verse is more of the heart than it is of the hand. Always remember, God is the judge and He is the rewarder. God Bless You!
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