DailyPills: Hear Us From Heaven by Jared Anderson


Anchor Song: Hear Us From Heaven 
Artist: Jared Anderson 
Stories are the most  powerful tools for convincing people my teacher would always say, it’s easier for people to pay attention and relate with whatever you say when you tell stories. Just cast your mind back, and you will see that what you will remember about some your schools teachers are the stories they tell and not necessarily the topics they taught. 
Some weeks ago, my teacher shared the testimony of a woman who had received supernatural healing from an “impossible” situation. According to my teacher, one of the things the woman’s husband said was that when they found out about his wife’s  condition, even they knew if was an impossible situation, he also knew God could do something about it because as a child, his mother used to take for Archbishop Benson Idahosa’s crusades and he had seen impossibilities change, so buried somewhere in his is subconscious, is the fact that, God can do this. That man saw things as a child, he stories from people, and now, he has his own story to tell of God’s faithfulness and power. Deuteronomy 5:10 says - But I will be very kind for a thousand lifetimes to those who love me and obey my commands[NCV]. 
I believe God doesn’t just want you to hear  about other people’s story of His faithfulness, He also wants you to have one of your own to tell. That family that received the healing can say the verse above is true, because the kind of testimony they read in the Bible, they have received theirs. Church service is not just another gathering, it’s a time to write and re-write mind blowing stories. 

God Bless You! 
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