DailyPills: Finding Who We Are by Kutless


Anchor Song: Finding Who We Are 
Artist: Kutless 
If the only way to discover purpose is by giving deep considerations to the things you like, then does that mean the man that invented insecticides loved mosquitoes, or the man that invested dish washer took dish washing as a hobby? I’ve never really considered the amount of value that one can draw from the things we hate until I read this quote from Dr. Mike Murdock – “What you hate, is a clue to what God has assigned you to do”. 
I have always said, that the simple fact that you can identify a problem means you are a part of the solution. Value is created, when you find ways to solve a personal challenge in a way that every one else that has the same challenge can adopt your model. I can just imagine that the man that made the washing machine was just a man like myself who is not a big fan of washing, and decided to create something that would take that burden off him, but by doing this, he did not just solve his own problems, he also solved that of others for generations to come. 
1 Kings 3:12 says - I will do what you asked. I will give you wisdom and understanding that is greater than anyone has had in the past or will have in the future[NCV]. So, if we can believe and receive God’s promises concerning healing and other things, what makes you think it would be a crime for God to sign the kind of deal He signed with Solomon with you? Why let your “hates” go to waste when God can use you as the solution to those same challenges? Even though I do not know what it is, but I know there is a problem you are meant to solve, FIND IT! 

God Bless You! 
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