DailyPills: Envy by 116 Clique


Anchor Song: Envy
Artist: 116 Clique
URL: http://tinyurl.com/zg8bctf
Who says it’s wrong to desire what someone else has? I guess that person has never seen the kind of Rolls Royce Phantom I saw on Sunday, all white, with a golden crest. There are some things you
won’t even know they look that good until you see them with someone else. The problem is not having the desire, it is making sure that desire doesn’t get corrupted.
It’s one thing to desire what another man has, it’s another to desire that the man loses what he has so that you can get it, or that he loses it so that what you have becomes better, this where “envy” lies. It is when you wish something happens that would take that girl away so that all the guys can now focus their attention on you, it is when you wish you colleague makes a mistake so that your boss now think of you as the best person in the unit, it is when you notice something will go wrong before it does, but you decide to keep it to yourself because it makes you look good. According to a line in the song anchored above, it is when the only joy in being No. 1 is the fact that you are in front of No. 2.
Proverbs 14:3 says - A quiet mind is the life of the body, but envy is a disease in the bones[BBE]. There is nothing wrong in wanting what someone else has if you ask me, but when you want them to lose so you can get it, you are also saying God does not have the ability to give both of you at the same time without going broke. It’s good to have ambition, it’s great to always want to be the best, but just watch it and make sure these desires are not corrupted. God Bless You!
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