DailyPills: Center Of It by Chris August


Anchor Song: Center Of It 
Artist: Chris August 
URL: http://tinyurl.com/zeaggap
Don’t get carried away when people seem to like what you are doing, don’t let the compliments and attention fool you, the truth is that men will not always be loyal. There are many people that started out with good intentions, having God alone as their support system and guide, but as popularity increases, the need to please people then creeps in. I’m not saying it’s wrong please people, however,when it gets to the point where you are willing to bend the instructions of the one who sent you in other please the crowd, then know you are stepping on the line. 
King Saul lost the throne because he wanted to keep his opinion polls up.  Galatians 3:3 says - Are you that stupid? Did you begin in a spiritual way only to end up doing things in a human way?[God’s Word] The truth is that most people do not even realise they have moved from the place of following God to that place of pleasing people until things have gotten out of hand. 
Therefore, evaluate yourself, I know you started out with God as the focus, but is He still the focus? There is no way to guarantee that the same things that please people will please God, but I can tell you that pleasing God is always a sure way to getting the people’s attention. Hence, if you always want to have the people on your side, then don’t focus on the people, focus on God. God Bless You! 
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