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Anchor Song: The Word
Artist: Deitrick Haddon
URL: http://tinyurl.com/z45g3ng
But wait o, it actually seems like all the leading ministers I know have decided to create a scheme of work for this year. Thanks to social media, it’s quite easy now to follow several ministers and receive from the grace they carry, and one thing I have noticed, particularly from the beginning of this year is the fact that many of them seem to have the same focus. It is either they held a meeting and decided to what to teach, or the same Spirit of God that works in each of them is directing everyone’s focus in a certain direction.
As a student of physics, I have a little understand of what happens when rays of light are focus at a single point – tremendous amount of power is generated at that point, so can it be that God is showing us His power bank through this focus?
In case you are wondering what this focus I’m talking about is, it is simply the word of God. the emphasis many of the ministers I follow have been placing on working with the word of God ever since this year began is just something else. Sometimes, I read points from some ministers online and it sounds like what my teacher thought in class. No! These men can not be copying each other’s notes, I has to be God saying something to us all in this season.
1 Timothy 4:15 says - Put these abilities to work; throw yourself into your tasks so that everyone may notice your improvement and progress[TLB]. Hence, I think it’s time to go beyond knowing so many scriptures by heart, to living out many of these scriptures in every day experiences. If the same scripture you know is working wonders in one person’s life, would it be a crime for it to do the same in yours? God Bless You!
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