#DazzalSeries 5.0 - But why?


#DazzalSeries 5.0 - But why?
I learned something new on YouTube last week. When one begins a new business or project or relationship, there are three stages one goes through.

1. Unconscious Incompetence: At this stage, it’s basically trial and error stage. Doing a lot of things wrong and learning what works through mistakes, misunderstanding, hurts, failure etc.

2. Conscious Incompetence: A stage at which one already knows all the wrong things to avoid but hasn’t quite grasped how to make or do them right. One works extra hard at this stage but it could still be frustrating.

3. Conscious Competence: This is the final stage where one has fully settled into the new role, understands what’s required, know the triggers for mishaps and have found a smart way to progress in the relationship, business or project.

There is a huge problem with attaining that final stage though. It could also breed a dangerous vice which is COMPLACENCY. 

When we begin to feel as though we have arrived at where we are going. I now know so I can chill at being the boss at this thing. We barely see the need for improvement, self-development etc. We become satisfied with being great at just this one thing and the major victim is usually QUALITY. 

Quality of time we’re willing to spend with our boo. The quality of service we provide. The value in the product we sell drops because we have gained consciousness of our competence based on high sales.
A few weeks ago, I put up a video on my WhatsApp of a popcorn brand that I had come to really enjoy because of how great the popcorn tasted. I prefer my corn either boiled or roasted, not really a fan of popcorn, so this was a big deal to find a brand that I actually enjoyed.

This popcorn brand is rich in caramel, tastes fresh and had an all-round great packaging. First time I had was at the Slay Festival in February. The pack was bigger at the time compared to the size of the pack when I got in August. The taste was still great although the quantity had reduced. 

Last week though, the popcorn bag had been restored to the initial big bag it had when I first encountered the product but the caramel was gone, the sweetener now used tastes like sugar. It didn’t taste like the first popcorn bag I had way back in February.
The manufacturer may think that they have now had such competence due to the large sales that they feel it is okay to slack on quality.
Shebi people will still buy, won’t they?

Who else thinks the 100 naira bottles of soft drinks that are been advertised now are a joke?
The drinks taste like a lot of water with everything else including lime or cola or whatever goes in. These companies compromised on quality. 

Coca Cola guys did better by trying to reduce the size of the bottle while maintaining the taste. But they have recently started compromising on the quality.

Although the examples are established companies, but if we refuse to be complacent in our tiny corner, we would have built the character of quality service or life by the time we grow.
Don’t allow the consciousness that you are now great at something cause you to let go of the drive that got you there in the first place. 
Stay in your grind, fam!
Always give your best whether it be an audience of 10 or a crowd of 10 Million. 

Don’t relax on your oars. Keep moving the bar slightly higher for yourself so that you are not told to get up because someone else showed up.

Conscious Competence is the call for more, not an avenue to become stale.


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