JIB Crafts: Books and Beyond


JIB Crafts: Books and Beyond

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There is a popular quote that says, "In five years times, you will be in the same place you are right now but for the people you meet and the books you read"

Today on JIB Crafts, we have a very interesting and important organization share more on the missing link between our desired future and where we are presently. 


What's Books and Beyond?
Books and Beyond, stylized as B&B, is a non-profit organization that is focused on developing, and enriching lives while building an enlightened community through literacy. B&B seeks to contribute to the development of the society by encouraging people to read as reading is one of the keys to creating a self-empowering and enlightened world.
B&B is dedicated to ending the circle of poverty through literacy by providing books to children. We acknowledge education as a basic human right, and believe that literacy unlocks the door to a life of learning as it enables people to overcome the barriers of poverty, diseases and also help them to fulfil their potentials.

Why Books and Beyond?
Books And Beyond aims to:
  • Promote reading and improve literacy in schools, homes and communities at large.
  • Eradicate illiteracy by encouraging reading for all.
  • Foster a lifelong appreciation of education.
  • Build awareness of the importance of education and reading to young children from birth.
  • Build a more literate adult population.
Challenges faced and how we overcame?
Getting volunteers and donators (people to donate books and funds) have been really challenging. The more volunteers, books and funds we get, the easier it is to reach out to more children.
We haven’t completely overcome these challenges, but there are improvements. 
In order to reach out to more children globally, we created a challenge, the #opBnB5000Books initiative, where people can give a child in their locality at least two (2) writing materials or books. We hope to reach out to a lot of underprivileged kids through this medium. 

Major focus for Books and Beyond?

Our major focus is to help reignite the flame of reading and also to empower a lot of children by educating them, providing educational resources, support and all that is necessary to achieve a more literate community.

Contact details: 07066395509

Remember that the hashtag is #opBnB5000Books, follow that for more details or call the number above to help give kids a better shot at a bright future.

Joy Ijehon

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