#DazzalSeries 01 - Anti-Walking Dead


#DazzalSeries 01 - Anti-Walking Dead
I learned a lesson today.
A lesson that is not new, yet never gets old
It’s the ability to give up on something we’ve prayed long and hard for.
After a while, we just stop trying;

Then our confessions change (I’m so guilty of this)
Our expectations begin to dwindle
Until we become numb/dead on the inside


This process is so familiar to me
That I didn’t have to think too hard to type it

I learned today, though, that dead people can’t celebrate
They neither have plans, aspirations nor dreams
But so long as I am able to celebrate my earnest desires in the lives of others
Then I have escaped death
This is not a one – off struggle though
So I have to keep escaping death in how much joy
I feel at other’s fulfillment of their desires
Especially because haters are dead people

If I want a car,
I’ll get excited when my friend gets one
If I’ve prayed  for marriage, as I have,
When my sister gets engaged,
I won’t secretly wish her man was mine.
I am just able to secretly thank God for her joy

I consciously keep avoiding death
Knowing that God makes all things beautiful
In His time.

I pray hard
I keep celebrating other’s happiness
So that I am alive and well
When my day of manifestation arrives.

There are people who are alive yet dead.
Do not be one of them!
To not hate on anyone’s progress
So much so that one does not
One’s soul has even been embalmed
Without one’s knowledge

To trust God
Because if He said it,
Though it may tarry,
It will surely come to pass.
For my God honors His word
More than His name


MUA: @osei_mua
📷: @1filmmaker

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