JIB CRAFTS: NATURES GENTLE TOUCH - Supporting Your Natural Hair Journey


Hey fam! Hope your week is going great?
We all know the new trend with the ladies is to leave our hair au natural, although the bug hasn't
bit me but loads of other women are rocking this new look fabulously.

Although a lot of people rock this style, it can form a huge challenge for others based on differing hair texture and even knowledge on what works for individuals.

That's why Natures Gentle Touch also decided to support these beautiful women who have gone natural by giving their special touch by creating a platform for them to connect, exchange ideas and interact about their natural hair journey both online and offline. 

The last Natural Hair Workshop organized by the Natures Gentle Touch held this past weekend, 15th of July, 2017.  

Check out some pictures from the event.

 These ladies sure had a fabulous time at the event. Be sure to visit this blog everyday to know when the next Natural Hair Workshop is going to hold.

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