Hello people!!!!
The weekend is upon us *inserts trumpet* Thank God It's Friday, fam! Who else is excited about the weekend???

I am super excited because it's #SHAY2017 this weekend, I've shared the amazing story of how Sheri and Ayo's love came from the bid for a mentor and strive for excellence so I am glad that the weekend where forever begins for this really smart and geeky couple is upon us. (Click here and here if you missed previous posts)

Here is the concluding part of this beautiful couple's love story.

Sherifa Yesufu

Your favourite character trait of Ayo and why?
Sigh, there are many!!! If I had a list of the qualities my ideal partner should have, Ayo would tick every single one and then some!  He is so peace-loving, and is the calm to my gra-gra. Lol. He is the kindest, sweetest, most amazing person I know, and he loves me like no other. I love that he is content to sit in the kitchen while I cook, chatting with me and ready to help with whatever. I love that I occasionally wake up to a long epistle from him on my phone, professing his love for me. He can be romantic for the whole Africa! I love that he loves to surprise me. He is always so aware of my feelings. He supports and motivates me. I love the fact that he is such a geek, although I could never understand why anyone would love watching science documentaries on Netflix. I even love that he cheats at Scrabble. Lol. He truly is the one God made for me.

The most important lesson loving him has taught you
Loving Ayo has taught me that love does not have to be picture perfect. Love can be goofy, and weird, and scary, and absolutely nuts. There will be ups and downs, but as long as you are in it with the right person, that's quite alright. That your life could change when you least expect it, and you've just got to be open to whatever comes your way. It has taught me to be myself, to accept my flaws and also revel in my strengths; because if this special man could love me for who I am, why would I want to be anything else?


Ayo Rufai

Your favourite character trait of Sheri and why?
Sherri is one hell of a cook. She often brings cooked food for me on weekends. Sometimes, we go to the market together and cook at my place. I’m used to eating traditional Nigerian foods even though I’m away from home. However, since we started dating, she has introduced me to different kinds of delicacies I have grown fond of, some of them I can’t even pronounce (she follows every tom, dick and harry that has a food blog). I used to be slim but very soon, I’m sure I will be at risk of being overweight from eating a variety of my baby’s homemade food. She is also very caring; I have lost count of the many surprise gifts and spur of the moment outings.My baby is very smart! I love the way she engages me in very useful topics and discussions. We tend to be competitive too, whether playing scrabble or Quiz-up, we both want to win every time! (I am still the reigning champion, though).  I feel I am the luckiest man on earth.


The most important lesson loving her has taught you
I have learnt to always be patient, always communicate and to not carry over issues overnight. If we have a misunderstanding, we try as much as possible to sort it out as soon as possible without allowing it drag on for too long. We are both the last child of our respective parents, thus we tend to always want to have the last say in an argument and our opinions often clash (there is never a dull moment when dating an intelligent lady). Loving her has taught me to be more selfless, patient, caring and to communicate effectively.

I join my prayers with my smart 'nikka' and her geeky beau, Ayo as they go forward in this new phase of their lives.  Keep the wishes coming in as they appreciate you all sharing this special period with them.

This weekend finna be lit but the marriage is gonna be glorious so we slay at #SHAY2017.

Photography: Sergiu Iliev
Red Dress/Blue Blazers: Hyde Park, London Jeans: Love Lane, London
Yellow Dress/Grey Blazers: Guildhall Art Gallery, London 
Jeans: Love Lane, London
Black Dress: Royal Albert Hall, London / Royal College of Music, London
Styled by: #SHAY

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