JIB SPOTLIGHT: Chef Tonia Silton


JIB SPOTLIGHT: Chef Tonia Silton

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JIB SPOTLIGHT: Chef Tonia Silton

So earlier this week, I was at the Fiesta of Flavours, a food and drinks fair organized by Eventful Nigeria. It was a wonderful event for family, friends, colleagues and school kids too; with loads to eat and drink. I was standing with a  friend when we saw a school boy begin to throw-up, he was all jerky and kept puking clear fluid like water. My friend and I rushed to help him, at this point others noticed that something was wrong and also came towards us.

JIB SPOTLIGHT: Chef Tonia Silton

One of those who joined in is the woman who is under JIB’s Entrepreneurial Spotlight today, the lady with her signature blond hair. She was also at the fair to make sales too but while the other vendors watched from their stalls, she came over to help. 
JIB SPOTLIGHT: Chef Tonia Silton

I saw an entrepreneur transform into a fiery woman who would fight anyone including a teacher if they got in the way of helping a sick kid. She rushed all over, getting water, grabbing her phone and shouting down the teacher who tried to keep his ‘responsibility’ status intact instead of reaching out to the kid’s parent who could tell the paramedics more about her son’s medical history. 

JIB SPOTLIGHT: Chef Tonia Silton

During these precious minutes, her focus was how to get the boy, who had now turned pale, all the medical help he could get; even though she had left her house to come sell her signature peppered snails, fried yam, plantain and tiger nut milk. Business took the back burner as true compassion and nurturing love towards a child became her priority.

She wasn’t the only one there with us, the child’s teachers had come, another male vendor who had stopped by to buy her tiger nut milk when she rushed off, and the paramedic now stood with us; but no other person in that vicinity left their place of business to offer aid.

JIB SPOTLIGHT: Chef Tonia Silton

Her name is Mrs Anthonia Ojenagbon, popularly known as Chef Tonia Silton. She runs a food business “Silton African Kitchen ” which specializes in providing African food to anyone everywhere on whatever occasion. 

Chef Tonia is also a strong advocate against domestic violence and abuse against girls and women as she was a victim who has now turned her lessons into a means to educate the public on how to manage abuse via a counselling hotline that she has established. 

JIB SPOTLIGHT: Chef Tonia Silton

She tirelessly works to build her brand while being a wife, mother and advocate too; it is not Woman Crush Wednesday but who wouldn’t applaud this amazing entrepreneur whose heart is intact in spite of all that she has had to endure.

FYI, a lot of folks on IG are going on and on about her Tiger Nut Milk, you should try it too.

Contact Details
Phone Number: 08098987884
IG: Chef Tonia Silton
FB: Anthonia Ojenagbon

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