JIB Crafts: AAY Cakes and Chops


JIB Crafts: AAY Cakes and Chops
Hey fam!
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You know this blog is also about sharing the talents, stories and motivation of entrepreneurs who are
making good use of their amazing skills. Over time, I have learned to appreciate those who do, excellently well, things that I struggle with especially when they are consistent with it.

That's why this post is about the chat with my girl, Ayomide Oyedokun, who makes beautiful cakes for all occasions. 

JIB Crafts: AAY Cakes and Chops

Hi, I am Oyedokun Ayomide Rhoda! I am the  CEO of AAY Cakes and Chops; a graduate of University of Ilorin, Kwara State. I started baking 2012 during my school's four month inter session break. I didn't want to waste the time so I decided to learn about baking. At the time, I was in my second year of Uni studying microbiology.  

One vital thing you must know with business is that one has to be persistent, work hard and keep improving more on skills because new things keep popping up everyday. It's a highly competitve business but if you are focused, clients will approach you.

JIB Crafts: AAY Cakes and Chops

I have made bad cakes, beautiful cakes and even free cakes especially when I first started in a bid to attract customers. I learned this skill, i.e baking, from two different bosses; the first one taught me the principles of baking while the second taught me decoration and sugar craft as it is popularly called. 
I remember when I was in my finals, my friends told me to pause baking and focus more on my studies, but I could not resist baking as it had become a part of me. Interestingly, that year I made more cakes than I had ever made and still had the best academic results too. All I did was to make good use of my spare time: I did all the work relating to cakes or baking  at night while I dedicated my days to school work.

God was and is still the source of my strength so far.

My advice to upcoming entrepreneurs is to pick a trade, stay focused on that trade, aim to serve their customers excellently first and then the profit will come afterwards.

JIB Crafts: AAY Cakes and Chops

Phone: 07039814960
FB:  Ayomide Abosede
IG: @heryurmede

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