Hey everyone!

Y'al know how I am about love, right? * inserts puppy love smiley*

Love is really beautiful and more so, when it's divine. I share this with excitement for the couple even though when I first learnt about the wedding, I was a little heart broken because the groom to be was a 'person of interest'. *winks*
But I had to leave it to JESUS, especially because the bride to be is a sister at the New Jersey Branch of my church, Holy Ghost Christian Centre. Here is the story of how Pastor Yemi Adesanya met his gorgeous bride to be, Taiye Fadojutimi as posted by my girl, ADLIVE LIFE *click here to visit her blog*


In May of 2015 my GO, Pastor Amos Fenwa told me he had someone for me. I laughed! Especially after he told me where he was from and what he did. I thought he must be joking. Lol. In June of that same year I got a friend request from a random guy. Checked out his circle of friends, no one in common. I decided he was a stalker and kept it moving.  In mid June, Pastor Mrs Siju, Nene and Adeola were talking to me and I was telling them how I just didn’t have time for guys and all the games they play. It’s too much work. I already have a job. They are all the same, (you know how the story goes). They of course were telling me how I needed to be more open minded and stop shutting guys out so quickly. They managed to get on my Facebook somehow, saw a request from P.Yemz, and they decided to accept the request on my behalf, even after I told them the dangers of accepting random friend request on social media.They were checking out his pics and told me I had to see it, which I did but still wasn’t interested. (The guy was cute though!) 

Click here to read the rest of the story! You need to because their story gave me the 'aww' feeling that true love brings...


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