JIB HEARTS: From Caterpillar Lokks To Butterfly Karl!


JIB HEARTS: From Caterpillar Lokks To Butterfly Karl!

Hey everyone!!!!
Hope you are doing great and enjoyed your week so far? Mine was a bit stormy at the beginning but
right now, it's getting better and brighter still.. *grins*
This post is about a video on Karl Lokko, husband of Cassandra Lokko, who are the #Lokkedin Couple that had a FABULOUS wedding a short while ago. He spoke at the TEDx London sharing his vision and passion as an ex-gang leader who now hopes to create a 'coccoon' for gang members who wish to turn their lives around.
The lesson I got from this video is that "an old you has to die for a new you to be birthed" and that 'although everyone only admires the butterfly, the caterpillar is just as valid because it has been the butterfly all the while"
Both lessons just tells me to keep pushing and working hard, to trust my process and keep the faith in God; it may not look all glam and fixed right now; but soon, Imma fly so high, the eagles would be jealous. 

Did I hear an AMEN?!


Let me know what lessons you gained from the very short, yet precise talk by Mr Karl Lokko in the comment session down below!

I hope you enjoyed the video?

You did, right? Really good sturv talk by Mr Lokko there and to find out more about him, click here.

So fam, just keep your head in the right place; don't allow anyone tell you what you can or cannot achieve, and TRUST GOD! Like the caterpillar, no one may appreciate you right now or notice how amazing you are; just hold on, you will soon metamorphose into the beautiful, colourful, butterfly that you really are.

Remember to share your lesson that you gained from the video down below because I totally love to hear from you..


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