DailyPills: One Way To Heaven by Brandon Heath


Anchor Song: One Way To Heaven
Artist: Brandon Heath
URL: http://tinyurl.com/h8v7jd4
I know green on the traffic light means "go", so when a guy/girl gives you the green light, what does that "go" mean? As a guy, I have to be honest, I love to get green lights, getting green light gives me much joy. I don't know if you think that's right or wrong though, but I need to tell the truth.
Honestly, when I see my kinda girl i.e the kinda girl I'd naturally be attracted to and every time we lock stare, she gives me that long inviting look, spiced with a warm smile, I just want to get a race car and "go" in at full speed since she has given me the "go" ahead. In some cases, the green light comes with some covet gestures, you don't know if it's her pheromone, sexual invitation, or it's you imagining things. So curiosity sets in, you start pushing the boundaries, taking the convos beyond the limits of decency, you want to know how far she can actually "go" with you, if she's serious or not, and if care us not taken you end up going where you never intended.
You see, I'm sure you've heard it said that curiosity kills the cat, but the Bible says it this way - Proverbs 1:10 - My son, if sinners lure you, do not go along[GW]. Besides making a sinful move, one of the things I also try to avoid is creating a memory I don't want to live with, a memory that would take a lot of energy to eliminate. Some things are really not worth knowing, so even bother to venture down that path. Like I said earlier, I know it might make you feel good, I know it can be very tempting to explore all the twist and turn that comes with a green light, but I also know that when it's starting to cross acceptable boundaries, the Holy Spirit will remind you, except He is not active in your life. God Bless You!
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