DailyPills: Love Broke Thru by TobyMac


Anchor Song: Love Broke Thru
Artist: TobyMac
URL: http://tinyurl.com/gpf9u9r
When God gives you a very big dream that He knows you can't achieve with your current capacity, in order for you not to go slack on the dream, I think one of the things God does is to give you different opportunities to practice. Just think about it, you will discover that for every dream you have, you will meet someone who is doing something close to it, if not exactly like it, who you can volunteer to help, but many of us do not realize that the process of helping is our own practice season.
When we talk about giving, I think one area we also need to give attention to is giving our time to help does who are doing the things we desire, but do not have the means to do it. From experience, I know the easiest thing to do is criticize. A lot of intelligent people criticize those who are doing the things they desire, they talk about how much better they would have done it if they were the ones in charge. What they don't know is that love and goodwill pulls your dreams closer while hate and beef pushes them away.
When Jesus told the parable about planting seeds this verse caught my attention, Mark 4:7 - Some other seed fell among thorny weeds, which grew and choked the good plants. So those plants did not produce a crop[NCV]. I just noticed that the Bible didn't say the seeds that fell among thorns didn't grow, it only said they didn't produce crops. Therefore, I advice that you find opportunities to help people fulfill the dreams you would desired for yourself, and even if you can't help, make sure you don't plant thorns in your heart by developing beef. God Bless You!
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