JIB Inspirations: Decisions......and SEX!


Decisions......and SEX!

Just before the year 2015 ended, my brother who is CEO of One Filmmaker, a photography and film making outfit *inserts braggart smiley* had a photo shoot which illustrated the beauty of staying
strong through the dark times. (Click here if you missed it). It was a really great article and now he has done another on the consequences of decisions we sometimes make.
Although the pictures adequately tells the story, we decided to have a little story to back our pictures up when we realized that we had varying story lines when we looked through them. The beauty of this photo-shoot is really in it's ability to have individuals view them and have them preach a personal message to them. 
Decisions......and SEX!

It sounded simple and tempting to reply with a quick "I don't mind", but as Jide considered her words carefully, he realized how impossible this would be for him.

Decisions......and SEX!

He choked her with sweet words, convincing discussions on how sex holds a relationship and makes it stronger, but the more he tried to convince her, the harder it became to get her to have a change of heart.
There was no doubt about their love for one another, but it had gotten to the point where cuddling and sweet love messages were just not enough anymore. 

Decisions......and SEX!

As she got up to leave, Jide made no attempts to stop her or even see her off. His face to the wall, distorted by the disappointing thoughts of 'waiting till marriage'. She felt her love slipping through her fingers.

Decisions......and SEX!

Her course wasn't about keeping one's self till marriage; she wasn't of that school of thought. She sometimes believes that sex was another way of expressing herself to someone she loved. But over the years, she had felt more used than loved. Now she has decided to be more about getting what she deserved than what she felt the guys she subsequently met felt was an appropriate expression of love. What she didn't think of was how much she would care for Jide and now she is scared. She is so scared- afraid of feeling used, the same way she previously felt, with Jide if she succumbed to his demands for sex. So scared that half the time, she felt like she needed to flee but the thoughts of losing Jide. The thought of just letting go of a love so different, without a fair try at making the relationship work, was worse.
Decisions......and SEX!

Jide called before she could. He sounded different, somewhat distant. They talked a bit about nothing in particular, just talked to keep conversation going nowhere. The effort was too evident, the tension over the communication lines was a tangible force so they quickly became exhausted from trying too hard. Jide disconnected the lines and " I love you" died soundlessly under her breath.

Decisions......and SEX!

More often than not, young ladies find themselves in this situation where they are being made to chose between sex and love, a chance at their happily ever after. This article brings to mind questions that beg for satisfactory answers. 
- How important is sex in a relationship? 
- How does one handle the consequences of the decision to abstain? 
- Why should one wait till marriage to have sex? 
- Is sex really an expression of love?
- Is premarital sex wrong? 
- Why is it wrong? 
- What exactly is considered premarital sex and what is (sexual) purity? 
- Is it even possible or normal to wait till marriage before having sex? 
- How do you handle being in a serious relationship as a Christian? 
- What boundaries do you keep? 
- Is the whole idea of waiting (as ladies) just so that we can cup a ring and a man? 
- Why are Christians and the church sometimes shy/quiet about the issue of premarital sex when the world and media are bold and unashamed to blatantly throw it in our faces?

Answers to the questions above and more can be found in a recent post by the sugar boo, Antoinette of Tonie's Mane. (Click here to read post)

Photo Credits: Desmond Ijehon
Models: Emma and Precious
Article by: Deborah Lewis
Editing and Conclusion: Joy Ijehon


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