DailyPills: Rain On Us by Ernest Pugh


Anchor Song: Rain On Us 
Artist: Ernest Pugh 
If indeed the coloured paper in our wallets is money, then how can a government say they don't have money, can't they just print enough coloured papers to go round everyone? You see, one of those things I'm never ashamed to do is to ask myself stupid questions, if can't ask you, at least I should be able to ask myself without fear of condemnation. 
I can't brag to be an expert of economics, but I know enough to know that money is a store/representation of value, I.e the currency notes you have only represents the worth of an item/service you have. So if a government just decides to print currency notes without generating value, then the paper itself becomes worthless. Therefore, when we ask God to bless us, are we really mindful of the form of blessing to expect? What you really need is not the paper, but the value that the paper, the currency note represent. 
I remember the day my teacher told us that the real answers to prayers are thoughts and ideas, such that when you act on them, they deliver your expectations. Choi! That day, it seemed like I was pregnant with twins because it was two babies we're kicking in my "womb". Then I realized, it's possible for God to have answered some of our prayers with value generating thoughts and ideas but we are too busy looking out for paper to notice. Remember, when Daniel needed to solve the king's problem, the answer to his prayer was not in the form of paper, Joseph was also blessed with ideas. According to Hebrews 13:8 - Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever[GW]. Therefore, the same God that did it then, can do the same now and much more for you, giving you ideas that can changed the world. God Bless You! 
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