Entrepreneurial Spotlight: BOVAS Group.....Fueling with Integrity



In the world today, where people are desperate to make money off others' misfortune, the BOVAS
Group under the management of Mrs V.A. Samson has refused to go against the company's mission to build integrity and have the trust of clients. 
This company follows all set rules by the government and does al that she can to ensure that life is easy for fellow Nigerians. In this period of fuel scarcity and hiked petroleum produce prices, Bovas Filling Stations still sell at the designated FUEL PRICE!!!!
Can you believe that?!
I was also stunned when I heard about this; fighting against all odds, the bashing from other marketers and the seemingly 'stupid' decision to do what is right when they could gain a profit of more that 100%.  
This show of support for the masses, strength of character and unshakable integrity are really qualities to be emulated. 
Way to go, BOVAS!!!!
So here is what we know about this group who is worth more than having our Entrepreneurial Spotlight shone on her! 

The Bovas group was established with the initial establishment of BOVAS & Company Limited in 1980. The company started operations as an Independent Petroleum Marketing Company dealing under Texaco Nigeria Limited (now Chevron Texaco Plc.). As a dealer under Texaco, the Company and her Managing Director Mrs. V. A. Samson distinguished herself by winning the most priced Texaco Plc Best Dealer Award in Sales, Marketing innovativeness amongst others for Latin American/West African Region. The BOVAS group was established in 1980 and started operations as an indigenous independent petroleum marketing company.

BOVAS opened her first service station in Osogbo, the capital city of Osun State in Nigeria in 1991 as part of the efforts to assist the government in making petroleum products more accessible to everyone. BOVAS' management philosophy is based on solid foundation, confidence, truth and vigor. People who come to BOVAS want to work here because we have created an environment that encourages team building, project management, skill transfer, and career development. The management team at BOVAS has a lot of young people on there which shows an openness to growth and flowing with the trends which make entrepreneurs keep raking in the profits while providing quality services.m  Some of the services offered by the BOVAS group include:

1. Bovas Bulk Storage Facilities
2. Bovas Gas
3. Bovas Mart
4. Bovas Service Stations
5. VAS Haulage


Presently, the Company operates thirty-five (35) service stations around the country and has several more under various stages of construction, which are to be delivered at intervals. A Liquefied Petroleum Gas Plant was added to the group in 1995, to cater for the domestic gas customers primarily in the southwestern part of the country.
The LPG plant, situated at Jegede Bus Stop, Akanran Road, Ibadan, Oyo State commenced operations also in 1995. We supply LPG directly to homes and other major domestic users of LPG and also provide refilling services at our plant. The company has also introduced innovative LPG Auto Skid Units at selected service stations and locations across the nation.

Bovas hopes to create an effective and efficient distribution network of service stations, operating with integrity, honesty, reliability and excellence. Bovas Group hopes to become a household name in petroleum products in Nigeria....and West Africa, I hope.


For more inquiries and details on how to do business with this honest folks;

Contact Details:
Head Office: 
Plot 1, Bodija Housing Estate Corporation Estate, Opposite Methodist Church. U.I Secretariat. Ibadan, Oyo State
LPG Plant:
No. 18 Jegede Bus-Stop, Akanran Road, Ibadan, Oyo State
Tel: +234 8172222817

Lagos Office:
No. 269a, Kofo Abayomi, Victoria Island, Lagos
Mosheshe Industrial Estate, Kirikiri, Lagos State.
Tel: +234 8174444817


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