DailyPills: Not Alone by Red


Anchor Song: Not Alone
Artist: Red
URL: http://tinyurl.com/zn7yryw
Honestly, it is such a wonderful thing when the people around you understand your dream and are very supportive of it. It is so encouraging when the closest set of people in your life also double as
your biggest fans, nudging and comforting you as you make efforts to reach for the best. However, what happens if that is not the case? What happens if after trying as much you can, they don’t just seem to get it, or are not just interested, do you then give up or go for something else?
There is a part of us that seeks validation from the people around us, a part of us that wants to get a nod from the people we know and admire, it one of those things that makes us human. I don’t believe there is any human that is not affected when those around them care less about what they are aiming for, but then, what do you do to keep up and keep moving forward?
Firstly, ensure that you are aligned with God is your pursuit, make sure that in your heart of heart, you know God can not be against what you are doing because it isn’t against any of His laws. Then, Isaiah 51:2 says - Yes, think about your ancestors Abraham and Sarah, from whom you came. You worry at being so small and few, but Abraham was only one when I called him. But when I blessed him, he became a great nation"[TLB]. You see, one of the common factors about many of the Bible greats is the fact that they all had their alone time. Times when they had to be by themselves to get clarity. Abraham started alone, but he became a great nation, so the fact you don’t have big supporters doesn’t mean you won’t end up a great nation. Personally, I believe when God is the isolating you, it’s because He wants to make a first born out of you, creating something new like He did with Abraham. Therefore, don’t get too bothered if you don’t have so many people cheering you now, those will come in due time, just focus, God is trying to give you something. God Bless You!
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