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Anchor Song: Higher
Artist: Lecrae
URL: http://tinyurl.com/gqjpuyx
What if i tell you that critical elements of the ladder you need to get to that height you desire are already being formed right in front of you, would you believe me? There is a picture I saw circulating on Facebook sometime ago that is quite interesting. It is the picture of a child climbing a ladder, but it wasn’t just a normal ladder because in this case, each step of the ladder was formed with a human hand, so the child was rising based on the support given by the hands of different individuals.
I think it’s normal for people to  desire relationships with those way above them, more established people in the industry they aspire to be in, and the intensity of this desire varies in all of us. However, one thing I have come to learn, is the fact God also builds relationships around us that are designed to take us to our desired destination, the only difference is the fact that most of the times, those people God put around us don’t look like much, so many of tend to ignore them, chasing shadows instead.
In Genesis 14, when Abraham was going to rescue Lot after he had been taken into slavery, then 318 men he took to fight were slaves born in his house, most of those guys probably had no battle experience since Abraham was into farming, but these same men defeated kings. Also, the men they were often referred to as the “Mighty men of David” were men who came to him when he was hiding from Saul in the caves, those men were probably hiding from something too, but just these handful of men eventually became an army that conquered nations. Zachariah 4:10a says - "The people should not think that small beginnings are unimportant. They will be happy when they see Zerubbabel with tools, building the Temple[NCV].
Hence, don’t ever despise the relationships God has placed in your life right now, they might look like much, they might even big names, but trust me, they definitely have what it takes to move you up each step the Lord has designed for you. God Bless You!
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